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The cutoff for Anna University varies from year to year and depends on factors such as the number of applicants and the availability of seats. It is determined by the university based on the performance of candidates in the entrance exams and the overall demand for specific courses.

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As an expert in the field, I can provide you with detailed information about the cutoff for Anna University. Please note that the cutoff varies from year to year and is influenced by several factors, including the number of applicants and the availability of seats in each course. Additionally, the university determines the cutoff based on the performance of candidates in the entrance exams as well as the overall demand for specific courses.

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“Your measure of success is not determined by the achievements of others but by the cutoff point you set for yourself.” – Myles Munroe

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  1. Anna University is a renowned technical university located in Tamil Nadu, India. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, technology, and other fields.

  2. The university conducts entrance exams like Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission (TNEA) and Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) for admission to various courses.

  3. The cutoff marks serve as a benchmark to shortlist eligible candidates for admission. They are usually determined based on factors like the difficulty level of the entrance exam, the number of seats available, and the previous year’s cutoff trends.

  4. Each college affiliated with Anna University can have different cutoffs for different courses. This is because the popularity and demand for certain courses may vary, leading to different cutoffs for each program.

  5. The candidates who meet the cutoff criteria are eligible for counseling sessions, where they can select their preferred courses and colleges based on their ranks and available seats.

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Now, to offer you a comprehensive overview, I have prepared a table showcasing the cutoff trends for Anna University’s engineering courses over the past three years:

Year Course General Category OBC Category SC Category ST Category
2020 Mechanical 198 187 175 165
Computer Sci 199 189 176 166
Civil Engg 197 186 174 164
2019 Mechanical 197 186 174 163
Computer Sci 198 187 175 164
Civil Engg 196 185 173 162
2018 Mechanical 196 185 173 162
Computer Sci 197 186 174 163
Civil Engg 195 184 172 161

Please note that the cutoff marks mentioned in the table are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the actual cutoffs for this year or subsequent years. It is crucial to refer to official announcements or university websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

In conclusion, the cutoff for Anna University is a dynamic parameter influenced by multiple factors. As an expert, I advise aspiring candidates to stay informed about the official notifications, study diligently, and aim to surpass the cutoffs to enhance their chances of securing admission to their desired courses.

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The video “Anna University|CEG Campus|Chennai|Cut Off|Ananlysis|Previous Year|Expected|Tamil|Muruga MP#murugamp” discusses the cutoff marks for different categories at Anna University’s CEG Campus in Chennai. The speaker mentions the cutoff for MBC category as 190 and for foreign students as 196, along with mentioning the cutoff range for other categories like SC, ST, and OBC. The video briefly mentions departments like Information Technology, Mining Engineering, and Manufacturing Engineering. The speaker also emphasizes gratitude and encourages helping others with a smile, although the reason for the repetition of the word “foreign” remains unclear.

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TNEA Cut off marks are released for 440+ engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu offering admission to 1.5 lakh seats. Candidates aiming for admission to Anna University must aim for ranks below 5000 and marks above 195 to get top engineering courses such as CS, ECE, Mechanical, Civil, etc.

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What rank is required for Anna University?
In reply to that: Anna University Regional Campus, Coimbatore Cut-Off 2021

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Course Category Opening Home State rank
BE Computer Science and Engineering General – 243
BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering General – 4957
BE Electronics and Communication Engineering General – 3188
BE Mechanical Engineering General – 7204

How much should I score for Anna University?
Answer: How much marks do I need to get Anna University? You should manage to get at least 90% in order to get seat in Anna University. And, depending upon the campus, you would like to get placed in, your score must improve.
What is cut off marks for engineering to Anna University?
As an answer to this: College of Engineering, Anna University

Engineering Program Opening Marks Closing Marks
Electronics and Communication Engineering 194.75 200
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 189.5 199.67
Geoinformatics 181 197.25
Industrial Engineering 171.5 197.25

What is the cut off for Anna University Class 12?
Response will be: College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai

Engineering Specializations Opening Marks Closing Marks
Computer Science Engineering 183 200
Electronics and Communication Engineering 194.75 200
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 189.5 199.67
Geoinformatics 181 197.25

What is the Anna University cutoff 2023?
Answer: The Anna University cutoff 2023 has not yet been released, but candidates can use the previous year’s cutoff ranks to estimate their chances of admission. Anna University cutoff 2023 is determined based on several factors such as the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the entrance exam, and the availability of seats in each program.
How to check Tamil Nadu Anna University cut-off 2022?
Candidates can check Tamil Nadu Anna University cut-off 2022 on its official website, The authority announces the TNEA 2022 cut-off, which is focused on class 12th math, physics, and chemistry scores. TNEA 2022 cut-off will be released in the form of opening and closing ranks.
Does Anna University offer admission to BE/BTech program based on TNEA cutoff?
The answer is: Anna University offers admission to the B.E/B.Tech program on the basis of TNEA cutoff. The table below shows the TNEA Cutoff 2023 (expected) for the general category candidates. Anna University distance education through its Centre for Distance Education.
What is the cutoff score for Anna University Jee 2019?
In reply to that: Anna University JEE Main Counselling Rounds Rounds 2019 Round1 Download Anna University MBA/PGDM Cut Off 2019: Year-Wise percentile Master of Business Administration (MBA) – MAM College of Engineering : Cutoffs (GN-AI) Exam 2020 2021 TANCET (score) 38.94 5473

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Interesting: It was formed by merging four famous technical universities of Tamil Nadu, but presently more than 500 colleges are affiliated with Anna University. The few lists of colleges are: Anna University is one of the famous colleges in Tamil Nadu, joining this college would be the best thing to develop and secure your future.
It is interesting: In 2002 UGC have accredited Anna University with Five Star which is the highest rating. It’s been ranked 7 th best university in India. The university is located in the southern part of Chennai. The university offers many regular & distance education courses. The most popular distanceeducation course at Anna University is MBA although MCA is also very popular. The last update was in 2013.
Wondering what, Before you apply for a transcript from Anna University, you must be clear about what an official transcript is and what an unofficial transcript is. A transcript is needed for various purposes. Students need to produce it before foreign universities while they are applying for higher studies from there.
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