Instantaneous response to — how can students view each other’s work in Google Classroom?

In Google Classroom, students can view each other’s work by accessing the “Classwork” section and navigating to the assignment where their peers’ work is posted. They can then click on the assignment to view and review the submissions of their classmates.

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As an expert in the field, I have extensive experience using Google Classroom and facilitating student collaboration. Let me explain in detail how students can view each other’s work in Google Classroom.

To start, students can access their Google Classroom by logging into their account and selecting their specific class. Once inside the class, they should navigate to the “Classwork” section. In the “Classwork” section, all the assignments for the class are organized and displayed.

To view their peers’ work, students need to find the assignment where their classmates’ submissions are posted. Usually, assignments are listed chronologically, but they can also be categorized by topics, units, or other organizational methods chosen by the teacher. Once they locate the assignment, they can click on it to access the details and submissions.

After clicking on the assignment, students will be able to view all the submissions made by their classmates. Each submission will typically include the student’s name, the time and date it was submitted, and any attached files or links. Depending on the assignment settings chosen by the teacher, students may also be able to leave comments or provide feedback on their classmates’ work directly within the Google Classroom platform.

It is important to note that students can only see the work of their classmates within their own Google Classroom. This means that students from different classes or different sections within the same class will not be able to access each other’s work unless it is specifically shared or made visible by the teacher.

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To further illustrate the steps involved, let’s consider a famous quote from Albert Einstein: “The only source of knowledge is experience.” In the context of viewing each other’s work on Google Classroom, this quote highlights the importance of hands-on experience in navigating the platform and understanding how to access and interact with the submissions of fellow students.

Here are some interesting facts about viewing each other’s work in Google Classroom:

  1. Google Classroom provides a secure and efficient space for students to collaborate, share, and view each other’s work.
  2. Teachers have control over the visibility of student work, allowing them to choose whether students can see each other’s submissions.
  3. Students can learn from their peers’ work by gaining insights, comparing approaches, and offering constructive feedback.
  4. Google Classroom promotes digital literacy and collaboration skills, which are essential for success in the modern world.
  5. With the ability to view and review each other’s work, students can foster a sense of community and support within their classroom environment.

To summarize, students can easily view each other’s work in Google Classroom by accessing the “Classwork” section, locating the assignment, and clicking on it to review their classmates’ submissions. This feature promotes collaboration, feedback, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. As Albert Einstein famously said, experience is the ultimate source of knowledge, and exploring Google Classroom firsthand is key to utilizing its full potential.

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The video explains that in Google Classroom, students have the ability to see and respond to each other’s answers, but only after they have submitted their own response. It emphasizes the importance of knowledge and encourages viewers to subscribe and enable notifications for further informative content.

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Well, because your Google classroom links to the Google drive folder where you save all your student’s assignments or school works. A student might knowingly or unknowingly click on the link and reach that folder. And upon arrival, he or she would be able to view his or her classmates’ works.

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How do I see other people's assignments in Google Classroom?
As an answer to this: View all of a student’s work in one place

  1. Tap Classroom .
  2. Tap the class People .
  3. Tap the student’s name. Note: You can only view the work of a student who has joined the class.
  4. Check this page for:
  5. (Optional) To see details or answers, tap the work.
  6. (Optional) To filter the student’s work, tap Filter.

Can students see each other's responses on Google Classroom?
The answer is: Check "see and reply to each other’s answers" to allow students to view answers and respond to each other similar to a discussion board. Uncheck this option to keep the responses private between you and each student. You can also allow students to edit their answers.
Can students see each others names in Google Classroom?
Answer: The People tab displays the teacher and a list of students who enrolled this class. The students have profile photo, full name and email address displayed. Safe Doc hides the entire People tab so students cannot see or find other classmates.
Can you see your classmates on Google Classroom?
Response will be: If you are interested in seeing a listing of Teachers and students in your class sign into Google Classroom and Click the People Tab. Do share if there are further questions.
How does Google Classroom work?
Google Classroom does not work exactly this way. If students turn in the work before they are done, the students are locked out of editing the document. Essentially though, Classroom does work this way. When work is assigned through Google Classroom the teacher has immediate access to the students documents.
How do I view assignments in Google Classroom?
Assignment View: Select to view assigned, turned in, or graded work only. Drive Folder: Click to view the assignment’s Google Drive folder. Turned in Work: Click to open and grade work that students have already submitted. Assigned Work: Any student work that was created through Google Classroom can be viewed before students have clicked Turn In.
How do I view my class roster in Google Classroom?
Response: Students Tab Click on the Students tab in Google Classroom to view your class roster. Click on any students name to view their work.
How do students use Google Apps?
Assignments: Students can open their assignments and create a Google app file within the assignment. They can also support their learning by uploading a file from Drive or their local device, attaching a link, or a YouTube video. Additionally, students can leave private comments for their teacher on an assignment.

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